Wednesday 17 May 2017

New Music: Kwaye - Little Ones

I’m half wondering if all round cool dude and wearer of the braided man bun Kwaye is eventually going to open some sort of musical school for children. After all, his debut track which was featured on Breaking More Waves back in March was called Cool Kids and now he’s singing about Little Ones. If his next tune is called Children In The World or Stay Young we’ll all know for sure.

The good news is that Little Ones won’t find Kwaye in after class detention for crimes against pop. Mixing future soul with something that hints at 80’s / early 90’s r ‘n’ b, the song deals with putting people in boxes through prejudice, something that’s learnt through socialisation rather than something that is inherited; hence the references to the innocence of the little ones in the lyrics. It’s a classy tune with Kwaye demonstrating some impressive vocal chops, from stern soul to funky falsetto.

The photographer really needs to try harder on the promotional picture though. Where’s his head at? I want to see that bun.

Kwaye - Little Ones

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