Wednesday 3 May 2017

New Music: Introducing - Sugarhouse

Oh, pop music! Remember a time when you were young and fresh faced, full of the joys of life, like a spring lamb skipping around in the field, without a care in the world? It was a time for flinging windows wide open and shouting “I adore this” without worrying about the judgements, the music snobs or what would happen in the future? Remember a time when you made us feel an instant epinephrine high, making the kids want to dance in the indie disco hand in hand together like nobody was watching?

Well guess what? Brand new duo Sugarhouse are here to bring back those feelings and that pop music. 

With debut single Love Anyone Else, Charlie Sinclair and Connie Craven will make you realise that amongst the political turmoil, the endless horrors, the sadness, the lack of compassion, empathy and understanding that the world seems to deliver on a daily basis, there’s still a thing called love. And it’s a beautiful thing. It fills you with hope, joy and a sense of freedom. The planet can be a better place.

This is how Love Anyone Else will make you feel. It’s a simple, unvarnished, heart-warming old fashioned pop song.

It’s Sugarhouse’s debut single. 

It will probably make you want to start a fanzine. Or a record label. Or a music blog. Or just give someone a big hug – maybe even a kiss.

It’s making indie a joy rather than an exercise in beard stroking seriousness and lager laddishness.

Love Anyone Else is released via cassette (!) via Sad Club Records on May 5th. Click here to get one.

Sugarhouse - Love Anyone Else

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