Monday 10 April 2017

New Music: Introducing - Lia Lia

In a post earlier today (here) I talked a little bit about defining the idea of ‘good music’ as something that is within my comfort zone and something that triggers memories of music from my past and how that's a concept that I feel a little uncomfortable with. I like change. I like challenge. Yet conversely I only like these things to a certain extent. Too much challenge is just overwhelming and nulls the senses. Sometimes I do want that warm familiarity.

If you asked a stranger who had spent some time reading posts on Breaking More Waves what sort of music they thought existed within my ‘it’s-good-because-there’s-an-association’ safety net the chances are they’d suggest electronic pop music with a female vocal. After all there’s been a fair amount of it over the years on Breaking More Waves, so that assumption wouldn't be a ridiculous one.

So today I’m keeping to form and introducing Lia Lia, a new Berlin based artist who, with her debut, approaches the world of pop with laconic synthy grooves and spoken word vocals on a song called Olymp. There’s a hint of Black Box Recorder’s Sarah Nixey in the detached delivery; everything about the song smacks of cool - especially when combined with a video that shows the beautiful arrogance of wasted youth. 

According to a small Q&A with Line of Best Fit today (here) Lia Lia stands for Live Impact Area Legacy Interface Adapter, which is either a glorious piss-take or something deep and artistic, but either way these rubbery electronics bounce just right.

Lia Lia - Olymp (Video)

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Estella said...

really cool song. but what also stood out to me is your writing in this post. i love your writing!