Saturday 12 November 2016

Ones To Watch 2017 #4 - Hazel English

To give you an idea of how long it can take for a new artist to develop their profile, it was as long ago as April 2015 when Hazel English first cropped up on Breaking More Waves. Since that time a series of blog approved songs have led to Hazel signing with Marathon Artists (Jagwar Ma, Childhood), release her first EP and has some forthcoming shows outside of her own country, including the UK lined up.

When she first appeared on the blog I suggested that words like summery, hazy, wistful, dreamy and nostalgic were probably going to crop up a fair amount and that prediction proved to be very accurate. Her blend of indie pop like your dad used to listen to when he was a floppy fringed student and thoughtful pretty melodies are a world away from the charts or mainstream radio, but they’re engaging all the same. That’s why every song Hazel has released so far has found its way onto Breaking More Waves and why as we go into 2017 she’s on the One to Watch list.

Hazel English - It's Not Real

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