Friday, 18 November 2016

Ones to Watch #10 - Liv Dawson

On May 16th of this year I posted Liv Dawson’s elegant ‘debut’ Tapestry and wrote this: “File under one to watch.” Now it’s November and I’m following my own instructions.

Of course, the word debut is used very loosely because Liv actually released a song Here’s That Rainy Day independently about 4 years ago. Since then she’s been slowly developing her music until Tapestry and she followed it up with the Open Your Eyes EP, which featured the songs Open Your Eyes, Reflection and Still. Support slots this year with the likes of Frances and Honne have exposed her unadulterated voice to an audience as have key playlist slots from the likes of Apple and Spotify.

There’s no question that Liv, who hails from Shepperton, Surrey has a faultless voice and that the first songs she’s put out are perfectly formed in all the right places. What remains to be seen is if her music connects with people beyond playlisters, bloggers, radio producers and music industry representatives. And like any of the other acts in this Ones to Watch for 2017 series, that’s something that even the music ‘experts’ can’t guarantee. That’s down to you…..

Liv Dawson - Still

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