Wednesday 5 October 2016

New Music: Hazel English - Control (Video)

I’m pretty sure Hazel English was born in the wrong decade. You’ll certainly find words like ‘nostalgic’ lobbed around a fair bit in connection with her tunes – and that’s not a bad thing. Control is a song that sounds like it would fit perfectly in any record collection that contains works by Joy Division, The Cure and The Cocteau Twins (that will be mine then). And although, at a stretch, you could suggest that there are small elements of new goth in her music (certainly it could be argued that on this one the synth sounds a little gloomy), Control is far too indie-pop, far too pretty, far too uplifting in its musicality to ever spend too much time rubbing up against the darkness.

“What are you searching for?” sings Hazel in the video as she seemingly sets off on some sort of journey away from working in a café. There don’t appear to be any clear answers or conclusions in the film, but with its hazy summer skies and scenery it’s lovely to watch (and listen to) anyway.

Having picked up plenty of blog support over the last 18 months (including from this one) Hazel’s debut EP Never Going Home is finally out this Friday and in November she hits UK shores for dates in Glasgow, Leeds and London. I’ve booked to go already. So should you.

Hazel English - Control (Video)

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