Wednesday 28 September 2016

New Music: S U R V I V E - A.H.B

My route into the music of S U R V I V E is probably the same as many others – through the addictive Stephen King / Steven Spielberg referencing Netflix hit of the summer Stranger Things and its immersive score. That score was put together by two members of this Austin based four piece, namely Michael Stein and Kyle Dixon after show producers The Duffer Brothers came knocking. With near perfect timing Stein and Dixon were also readying their latest work with the two other members of S U R V I V E, namely Adam Jones and Mark Donica, and by the time I finished the TV series it was possible to pre-order the new album, which is simply named after its catalogue number RR7349.

Although it’s not officially released until this Friday, the album is already streaming on a variety of websites and my CD copy arrived in the post a few days early, enabling my recent journeys to work to be filled with the bleak menacing sounds of vintage synth soundscapes. If you enjoy albums by the likes of John Carpenter, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis or Goblin, or like the embrace of brooding almost druggy sounding ambient music then RR7349 is for you. Alongside Cliff Martinez’s brilliant soundtrack for The Neon Demon film, also released this year, this record has rejuvenated my interest in instrumental atmospheric electronic music. S U R V I V E are worth more of your attention than just Stranger Things and RR7349 deserves your investment. From the record here's the opening track A.H.B - a pulsing spacey sounding piece of warm electronics.

Order the album by clicking here

S U R V I V E - A.H.B

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