Thursday 22 September 2016

New Music: Introducing - Ider

North London’s Megan Markwick and Lily Somerville go by the name of Ider. This is their first time on Breaking More Waves, but King Ruby, their latest song, is their third tune to be released. That’s not to say I didn’t 100% approve of their first two offerings. Sorry was a piece of downbeat sad-pop, perfect for those late night moments when you’re alone and feeling a little bit lost in the world. It’s follow up, Pulse was even better; stripped back to just keys and beats it was a subdued yet stirring slice of perfection.

After those first two songs, it could have been easy to pigeon hole the duo as just being the languid version of Oh Wonder (not a bad thing), only being able to create hushed hymns for a generation suffering from the exhaustion epidemic. However, King Ruby offers something different. This one brings an Eastern ethereal sound to proceedings and a slightly more uptempo pace.

Apparently the likes of Aurora and Shura are already on board as fans and Pulse has already notched up over half a million plays on Spotify, which is some going. Probably adding the name of Breaking More Waves to the fan list probably won't be quite as big a deal, but for musicians, every fan counts, in large amounts.

Listen to King Ruby below and if you’re playing catch up enjoy the ambient pop sound of Pulse as well.

Ider - Pulse (Video)

Ider - King Ruby

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