Tuesday, 1 March 2016

New Music: Violet Skies - Jealousy

Not so long ago it seemed that, for new musicians, internet statistics were everything in pop. How many followers you had on Twitter, how many views on You Tube and your total number of streams on Soundcloud became as important to your career as if your music was any good. Thankfully things appear to be changing recently, with music media types acknowledging that if something’s great, but it’s still early for the artist, they’re not going to have a huge fan base, and that like good cooking, the most important factors are quality ingredients and time.

I mention this because a quick look at Violet Skies Soundcloud profile will show you wildly different play counts for each of her songs. Yet what binds How The Mighty (66k plays), Patience (nearly 17k plays) and the recent brilliant One Day Three Autumns (just over 5k plays) is talent. 

There’s a further demonstration of her ability on her latest song Jealousy. This one could easily be dismissed as being just another piece of silky smooth, well produced, soulful r’n’b  electronic pop for hollow hipsters, but there’s a lot more class and emotion here than that. The key is the vocal – the delivery is never over powering. Believe me, when Violet lets rip she really can exercise the lungs, but here she keeps things relatively restrained. It all adds to a tune which, if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s about the most insecure of emotions, I’d be putting into my ‘seduction selection’ mix tape if I had one. (Just for the record, I don’t). 

Violet Skies - Jealousy

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