Wednesday 9 March 2016

New Music: Hana - Underwater

This week Claire Boucher aka Grimes hits UK shores for a tour and I’ll be attending a couple of her shows at pretty much opposite ends of the country. If you follow me on Twitter (here) you’ll be able to see all my deeply perceptive maximum 140 character journalistic reviews of the shows which will probably include tweets such as “Grimes was quite good,” or “Grimes was OK and I had a nice pint of cider.” Surely that’s worth following me for? If you're really lucky I might even tweet a picture of my evening meal before the show.*

What you might also get (but I can’t guarantee it – I might be enjoying the cider too much) are some tweets about support act Hana, who actually once lived in Montana. I wrote about her a couple of times last year - her sad but very pretty song Clay was particularly tender and divine. Now to coincide with the tour she’s just released a new tune called Underwater. Once again, in terms of thoughtful analysis, clever wordplay and weighty emotional journalism I think I’d describe this one as ‘quite good and gets better as it goes along’. And to add real insight I can also confirm that the sweet ‘like my father and my mother I will love you for forever’ hook gets under the skin. That’s all you really need to know isn’t it? 

*This statement is probably a lie. After all that's what you do to become a well known journalist isn't it? Lie - not tweet food pics!

Hana - Underwater

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