Monday, 9 March 2015

Shura - 2Shy

What’s this? Surely not a cover of the 1983 Kajagoogoo ‘classic’? Sadly not, but before we go on let’s just pause for a moment and remember….

(Click here for the pause)

The haircuts !!!!

The fact that that was basically a one minute thirty second song extended to three minutes just by repeating the chorus over and over again !!!!

It was a number 1 hit single !!!!

Fast forward three decades and Shura is the next one to bring us 2Shy. There’s a few more words than Kajagoogoo, the haircut’s less silly, but the music’s ravishing, Shura sounding like the girl that’s been left standing on the side of the dancefloor at the 80’s tinged disco whilst the glitterball spins and everything goes a bit soft focus and gooey.

Kajagoogoo your time is up. (Actually it was up by the end of 1984, showing just what a fickle game pop can be.) 

Shura - 2Shy

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