Tuesday 10 March 2015

Frankie - New Obsession

As much as we sometimes like to rant about the banality of many lyrics in today's pop music (fact: if an artist sings a song that mentions being ‘in da club’ it’s over between them and us, irrespective of who they are) we’re partial to a big woah-oh-oh chorus. Contradictions eh? And there’s a big woah-oh-oh in the new hook littered pop gold nugget New Obsession from West Coast U.S newcomer Frankie.  “I don’t want to be your best friend, just let me be your new obsession,” she sings pleading not only to that person who she wants to be something more to but us as an audience as well. 

This one’s so catchy you’re going to need some very strong medicine if you don’t want to get it. If you only listen to ‘alternative’ music, you’ll probably hate it, but if you just care for a good tune, this will make your day that much better.  Oh and yes, it does sound a bit nu-TS* doesn’t it?

*Taylor Swift.

Frankie - New Obsession

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