Sunday, 7 October 2012

Feathers - New Waves

Any band that amongst their number feature members called Destiny Montague and Anastasia Dimou (dream-cartoon space-popstar names if ever there were such things) gets our vote. Add in some confident and dramatic electropop and if Feathers were up for election we’d be ticking the box with their name on it.

Feathers is the brainchild of the aforementioned Dimou who you may remember from New York’s Cruel Black Dove (we don't but that's what Google's for isn't it?). With Cruel Black Dove on hold she moved to Austin in 2011 and funneled her creative juices into writing a collection of new synthtastic songs. Then, rounding up a bunch of friends from other bands a new group was born. Appearances at SXSW and Jeff Mangum’s ATP earlier this year established their credentials and a small number of blogs immediately picked up on them. Amongst those very early on singing their praises was our UK blog brother Just Music I Like as well as one of the powerhouses of American music blogging Brooklyn Vegan. Now we’re adding our seal of approval, because quite simply, Feathers are good. More than good.

There are currently three tracks on the bands Soundcloud and it’s the storming Land Of The Innocent that we’re featuring below. Redolent of the pulse revival sounds of Fischerspooner, we hear I Feel Love dark disco pulses, crashing Depeche Mode style synth stabs and devilish Austra-like looping grooves. If that’s the sort of thing that will send you into ecstasy, then come and join our love in. Feathers sound hypnotically sharp, sexy and just a little bit sinister. Just how we like it.

Feathers - Land Of The Innocent

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