Monday, 9 July 2012

Vaz - New Waves

Oh Sweden. You’re just so good at this pop music thing aren’t you? So for those of us not so lucky to be able to breathe whatever it is that makes you so top of the league at it, let’s introduce your latest export as we say hallå to Vaz; two sisters who take carnival flavoured beats and rhythms to make danceable dramatic pop.

We first stumbled across Vaz when they appeared with Mash Up International, a DJ/producer trio from Uppsala, Sweden, consisting of Robert Dinero, Uffie Ice and Mats Norman where they were providing some vocals on their booty shaking track Lava Cabeza (streaming below). From there one quick skip on the internet brought us to Vaz’s own single, the infectiously rumpus Miss Frost. Fans of Niki & The Dove and the first Lykke Li album are well advised to press play. It’s a drum parade of satisfying melodies and tribal beats, combining Vaz’s roots in Cape Verde with the inevitable Nordic pop brilliance.

Sweden wins again. 1-0 Vaz.

Mash Up International – Lava Cabeza (feat Gnucci, VAZ and Timbuktu)

Vaz - Miss Frost (Video)

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