Saturday, 14 July 2012

The Saturday Surf #35

This weekend Breaking More Waves home city of Portsmouth will see thousands of people watch a man (or woman) run along its streets with what looks like a giant cheese grater on fire whilst Rizzle Kicks jump around on a stage a bit. All of this will happen near the seafront where there will probably be some waves breaking and maybe even someone attempting to surf. This is our attempt at internet surfing, we call it the Saturday Surf. Our weekly round-up of new music we nearly missed or didn't find time to post, but never more than five songs.

Plant Plants – Embrace The Real (Vision Of Trees Cold Skins Remix)

Plant Plants is London-based electronic duo Stuart Francis and Howard Whatley. The original version of Embrace The Real from their sample driven EP2 was smart enough as it was, but we’re fancying this remix from Visions of Trees even more. Sounding partly like a lost Grimes track with the recognisable tinkles of Visions of Trees raindrops electronica this remix is exotically underground and pleasure giving.

Ellie Goulding featuring Tinie Tempah

Back in 2010 Ellie Goulding guested on Tinie Tempah’s Wonderman. Now Tinie repays the favour on Ellie’s cover version of Active Child’s Hanging On. Our initial thoughts were ‘meh’. Three days later we can’t get enough of it, although we still have some reservations about Mr Tempah’s part. However we’ll forgive him because Ellie’s vocal is just come to bed sumptuous. We still heart Ellie Goulding and it seems America does as well, with Lights recently entering that countries Top 5. 

San Zhi – Towards The Sun

Out of Egypt and Bournemouth San Zhi are a boy girl band consisting of Suraya and Peter, who sing intimately of ripping each others throats out, over a gentle keyboard led melancholy dreamy Sunday pop backing. Nice. They’ve named their band after an unfinished futuristic pod-village resort built in Tawain, which if you want to take a break from music for a while you can read about and see some fascinating pictures of on My Several Worlds.

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