Friday, 28 May 2010

Friends Electric - Wall Of Arms

Just a few days ago we introduced Friends Electric to the blog and rather like waiting for a bus, here’s another one coming along in quick succession.

It’s Friday, and working you up for the weekend we are featuring the new video for the groups single Wall Of Arms. As we stated before, the Friends Electric sound is very much in the Delphic / Fenech-Soler mode, but even if it isn’t the most imaginative or innovative piece of synth-dance dynamite, there’s still enough here to make us explode a little and go a tiny bit super rave crazy. In fact the more we listen to Wall Of Arms the more we want to jump up on the podium, put our hands in the air, feel the sweat on our backs and dance ourselves into oblivion. Are you with us ?

Oh, and any lead singer in a neat pair of glasses is always going to get the yes vote as far as we‘re concerned.

Wall of Arms by Friends Electric is due for release on the 14th June 2010 via Self Raising Records, a label run by Rod Thomas of Bright Light Bright Light.

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