Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Sons & Lovers - New Waves

Sons & Lovers, who possibly take their name from the D.H Lawrence book of the same name make the sort of instantly accessible melodic songs that would sit very nicely on the radio. We’d fit them into the same bracket as the likes of Bastille or Ellie Goulding; artists that understand that in contrast to the perceived wisdom of much of the UK indie blogosphere that often the best pop doesn’t have to be ashamed of itself, isn’t worried about being cool and is made from the substance of something called a tune. Ironically among Sons & Lovers number is one ex-sonic terrorist called Tim Hillier-Brook who used to be in Brighton UK metal core band Architects – a group for whom the word tune was quite possibly an insult.

Yet Sons & Lovers have real tunes. We’re streaming two of them below. Set Your Heart On Fire first cropped up on Neon Gold last year and now it has arrived on Soundcloud ready to stir your soul and soundtrack your summer. King meanwhile is a euphoric clarion call to letting yourself go and enjoying the here and now. “Let’s get lost, lose our heads, turn our alarm clocks off, live a little for the moment,” the vocal commands.

These two songs represent a very promising start for this new band and for the time being that’s more than enough. 

Sons & Lovers - King

Sons & Lovers - Set Your Heart On Fire


Joshua Curtis said...

Sons and Lovers is very likely to make it to mainstream success. They have catchy tunes, an easily recalled name with a literary allusion, and easy to memorise lines.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff - thanks for finding these, very good blog you have here

Anonymous said...

Architects is a great band. Best metalcore band I think.
There is great melody in this band! You don't ear it, that's all. Don't be fool. Keep open mind if you want to make great review.

Regarding S&L, it's a very cool stuff!