Saturday, 7 July 2012

The Saturday Surf #34

As much as we love outdoor music festivals and would recommend that you get out there and experience as many as you can possibly afford, this weekend if you’re in the UK, with some weather forecasts predicting a month of rain in 24 hours, we suggest that you stay in and soak up some music in the dry of your own home.

So why not start with this – The Saturday Surf, our once a week lazy post where we keep the words to just a few sentences and let the music do the talking.

Noosa – Walk On By

New York multi instrumentalists Sky Barbarick & Matt Buszko have recently released their debut EP and it’s this track Walk On By that has been nuzzling our headphones the most. A mini-epic that combines piano, strings, guitar and female vocals to make the sort of stately pop song that spins inside your head like a whirlpool, it’s a very impressive start from Noosa.

[Strangers] – Safe / Pain

Yesterday we featured the lovely Alice Jemima’s cover version of Safe / Pain by [Strangers], so today to enable you to compare and contrast, here’s the original, which has only been on line itself for a few days. Warning, this song features a stratospheric electropop chorus. Safe / Pain deserves to be adored. [Strangers] best yet. It's released on August 20th. Alice Jemima's version is free to download from the link on her name above. Big.

Lewis Watson – Windows

The next Ed Sheeran? Possibly. There’s an incredibly similar softness to Lewis Watson’s voice and he treads the same gentle acoustic path, although this time it winds out from Oxfordshire. Considering the success that Sheeran’s had it wouldn’t surprise us if this lad finds himself the subject of some interest in the next year. 

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