Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Curxes - Spectre

Having declared themselves as channeling the ghosts of discotheques past and with previous single being named Haunted Gold, it’s pretty fair to say that there’s something spooky going on with Curxes. They’ve even recently played a couple of dates with the band Ghxst. Coincidence? We think not.

Now Breaking More Waves favourite dark pop boy girl duo (yes we probably say that to every dark pop boy girl duo we come across - we're the cheap tart of music blogging you see) return with a brutal and brilliant new track called Spectre. Vanishing churches, the death of someone brilliant, fake rivalries, on stage burials and towns turning in on themselves seem to be some of the lyrical themes, but frankly singer Roberta Fidora could be singing about riding a giant snail and we’d succumb to her bolshy power box of a voice. There’s a certain hard-hitting end of everything euphoria to Spectre that makes us want to scale mountains; from its dirty gnarly I’m-going-to-fuck-with you bass to its colossal synth stabs that will quite possibly take you over the edge. Come with them and take that jump, for this is about as dramatic as it gets, no over exaggeration.

Spectre will be available to download from Friday 10th August 2012 or as a special limited edition 7″ vinyl (all individually numbered) with a remix from the Breaking More Waves approved [Strangers].

Curxes - Spectre

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