Sunday, 8 July 2012

K.I.D.S - New Waves

The hardened cynic could suggest that when a handful of industry bloggers and websites all pick up on the same demo by the same band within the course of a few hours that there’s some sort of insiders network / contacts / tipping off going on here. But does that matter? Not one iota if the music is good; and this demo by London group K.I.D.S made our ears prick up the moment we heard it. With a propulsive chugging bassline that sounds like a female fronted Horrors covering Kraftwerk, Ragged Old Angels is a highly repetitive stretched to the length opus that only disappoints in the closing few seconds when it fades without any full on climax. We’re sure there’s a few of our female readers out there who probably understand that disappointment, but let’s not forget the six and a half minutes of driving dark storminess that precede it.

So what do we know about K.I.D.S ? Absolutely nothing – their website simply contains Ragged Old Angels and nothing more. However, the mystery band approach is now becoming passé in terms of generating real excitement, giving very little for potential fans to buy into, so we’d suggest the quicker K.I.D.S let us know something about them, the better.

K.I.D.S - Ragged Old Angels

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