Monday, 23 July 2012

Eddi Front - New Waves

Eddi Front is Eddi Lines is Ivana XL. This is all very confusing. She’s a 'new artist’ yet with one simple You Tube search you can find footage of her performing from four years ago under the Ivana name.

Certain sectors of the internet and blogosphere have already been chattering about the fact that Eddi has more than one musical identity plus a past and already a few authors have voiced their suspicion about the extent to which she has industry backing. Lana Del Rey has been referenced as a contextual similarity and it’s almost possible to hear the dissenters army gathering,  angry that an artist should dare to adopt a nom de plume or become a project, destroying the sine qua non of what they believe artistry should be about – authenticity.

But for those of you who either enjoy an artist adopting a role, from the visual mysteries of iamamiwhoami to David Bowie’s more obvious Ziggy Stardust persona, or for those who just couldn’t care less as long as the music’s good, why not take a chance with Eddi Front, whoever she is.

Take Gigantic, a low-spirited tune that chronicles the end of a marriage. “I’ll crawl out of this hole soon enough, take my ring off, sell the car,” she sings. You’ve no idea if she’s singing from personal experience or is just acting, but it doesn’t matter, because this troubled song is so impossibly blue, so richly affecting, that you’re going to feel its emotion anyway. Gigantic is pure beauty formed from sadness.

Eddi Front - Gigantic

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