Friday, 13 July 2012

K.I.D.S - All My Evil

This is interesting. K.I.D.S came to our attention (and therefore hopefully yours) a few days back with a mesmerising and metronomic song called Ragged Old Angels and not a lot of other information. Now we have a second track and a smidgeon more facts.

Let’s do the facts first. According to Richard Thane of The Line Of Best Fit K.I.D.S are Rosanna (originally from Stockholm) and Charles (from London) and have been working together for some time with an album almost ready for release. Line Of Best Fit also say that they have an exclusive interview with the band coming soon which as we suggested in our previous post  suggests that some industry types know more than they’re letting on and the whole mystery band approach is just an attempt to generate interest before the full reveal. Unfortunately in the world of pop the full reveal is often mildly disappointing – let’s hope in this case it’s not. Hopefully Rosanna and Charles have something interesting to say, or if they haven’t that at least they are outrageously good liars. We’d like them to reveal that before music Charles was a pest control officer with a local authority with an undisclosed drug addiction that he funded by starring in hardcore porn films whilst Rosanna was a political activist who once ended up naked and covered in foam at Katy Perry’s house, whilst Katy rode round the room on a camel. That would be a good reveal.

So now the music. Despite the menacing horror movie title of All My Evil, this second song sits much further in the not quite so scary electronic blog-pop spectrum of which we're rather fond of than Ragged Old Angels. Like Kylie being classy, Little Boots abandoning the disco or Grimes getting all straight-laced, the girlish vocals and cascading synths are a pleasure and not a guilty one at that. It’s now a case of watch this space for more facts and music. Let’s hope both are exciting.

K.I.D.S - All My Evil

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