Thursday, 5 July 2012

Ren Harvieu - Tonight (Video)

This year nearly all of Breaking More Waves favourite albums fall into one of two very distinct categories. The first is a slightly quirky, experimental but still accessible sort of pop album that never forgets the song even when it’s being a little bit out there. Examples of this are Alt-J, Django Django and Grimes. The second is something that is richly nostalgic, often very warm and evocative, transporting you to somewhere far removed from modern pop culture. The likes of Crybaby, Michael Kiwanuka and the gorgeous Ren Harvieu are fine illustrations of this.

If Jimmy Saville (allegedly the first DJ to ever use twin decks) was still alive and if he was still presenting his TV show Jim’ll Fix It we would have written to Jim asking if he could fix it for us to recline on a chaise lounge, drinking fine red wine, surrounded by candles whilst Ren Harvieu stood in the room and sang just for us. It would be a beautiful moment – rather like her new video, which features the late night, brassy big band, sultry perfection of Tonight. It’s absolute love for Ren Harvieu.

(Footnote – if any of Ren’s ‘people’ read this and in the absence of Sir Jim, if Ren isn't too busy, if you could fix it for us instead that would be absolutely lovely. Thank you.)

Ren Harvieu - Tonight (Video)


Jacksy said...


Been reading your blog for a while - just wanted to say I absolutely enjoy it. I love your writing it's not pretentious (like many other new music blogs), funny, but always intelligent.

Keep up the good work.

By the way I also love Ren Harvieu.

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

Thanks - sorry only just got round to responding !