Monday, 16 July 2012

The Slow Show - New Waves

Alt American folk rock with shades of The National and Other Lives, straight out of rainy Manchester, UK ? You’ve just been introduced to The Slow Show. Here’s a band that seem to have arrived sounding fully formed and threatening world domination, or at least grabbing the interest of a few hundred people in a bar in some northern town.

What sets The Slow Show apart from the likes of The National and Other Lives though is something very British – the use of brass. Not the jolly toot toot brass of ska, reggae or pop but a sound that conjures up images of colliery bands and still sky-grey cobbled streets in winter. You can hear this beguiling mournfulness on the song God Only Knows which streams below. There’s a beautiful serenity to the song that touches the heart. A real stop you in your tracks moment. We might have just found our new favourite band.

With 2 EP's to their name - the debut Midnight Waltz and the near perfect Brother, both of which are available on i-Tunes - The Slow Show are steadily building an audience. Their next show in Manchester on the 23rd July is completely sold out. After that your chances to see them are at Camp Bestival festival in Dorset on the 29th July and a lunchtime session at the Union Chapel in London on the 8th September. If you get even half the chance to attend one of these shows, then cancel everything else you’re doing, it’s a must see. This is why we love music and write a blog. To discover stuff like this.

The Slow Show - God Only Knows

The Slow Show - Brother

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