Monday 1 April 2024

Song of the Week - Ellie Bleach - Hottest Man Alive 1995


The eagle eyed and observant amongst you will have noticed that there was no Breaking More Waves Song of the Week last week – due to being on holiday. However, the New Music Weekly playlist did get hastily constructed, put together in a hotel room whilst overlooking the Tyne (sadly no fog or Paul Gascoigne were present).

It’s back to regular service this week with a number of songs in contention for this post, but the one I’ve chosen opens proceedings on the playlist. Ellie Bleach’s Hottest Man Alive 1995 might sound like the title of some sort of super-sexed sweaty disco anthem but is in fact a slow burning country lament taken from her conceptual EP Now Leaving West Feldwood, a cinematic anthology of six characters and their intertwining lives.

“I’m not ashamed to say I did some light research today; I came across an image of you on a holiday. You had your arm around some blonde they said was half your age, but I know how these liberal types tend to exaggerate,” she begins and from there we’re whisked into a tale of a middle-aged woman in an unhappy marriage who obsesses about someone else. It’s like Lana Del Ray has gone to Berkshire.

A song about obsession which we can all obsess about. Excellent stuff.

You can find this song in an hour’s worth of goodness on the Breaking More Waves New Music Playlist by clicking here.

Ellie Bleach - Hottest Man Alive 1995

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