Tuesday 14 March 2023

NEW #70 Kingfishr


Remember ‘Nu-folk’? As the likes of Mumford & Sons found themselves headlining the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury, it seemed that every indie leaning musician out there was ditching the guitars, growing a beard, buying a waist coat, stomping round the haystacks and getting to grips with the banjo.

As with any musical fashion, that wave eventually broke. Even Mumford & Sons reinvented themselves as a rather boring stadium rock band and charity shops noticed an increase in waistcoat donations.

So, when a group comes along that could have quite easily fitted into that indie-folk gang back in 2009 you might give a little shudder. But don’t. Because Limerick three-piece Kingfishr make powerfully brilliant songs, and that’s what’s important, irrespective of genre, fashion or prejudice.

Kingfishr consist of Edmond Keogh, Eoghan McGrath and Eoin Fitzgibbon and they embrace Ireland’s love of traditional music that is passed down from generation to generation (banjo player McGrath is part of the National Folk Orchestra of Ireland). However, the band add the sort of muscle that rock fans will enjoy – their songs well up with the sort of punch the air euphoria that someone like Bruce Springsteen achieves.

This is best heard on the third and most recent song they’ve released – Heart In The Water, which is full of moving and sky scraping weight . Of the song the band say: “Resentment is a powerful emotion. Looking back at all the things you could have had had or done, and realising you won’t get those moments back is hard to take. Heart In The Water is about learning from paths not taken.”

Listen to Kingfishr below and once again celebrate the banjo.

Kingfishr - Heart In The Water

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