Thursday 3 November 2022

NEW #63 Siobhán Winifred


Today’s new artist is inevitably going to get a few comparisons to Holly Humberstone - who in turn I once compared to Phoebe Bridgers. One day I’m going to trace all these comparisons back and see if they all end up with just one artist. That person can then be truly named the mother or father of all music. 

The Holly Humberstone comparison is no bad thing though; melancholic singer songwriter types with soft vocals that have knack of writing sad introspective pop songs get the thumbs up in these parts. That means that Siobhán Winifred does as well.

Take her second single This House, released yesterday. It starts with the classic scenario of someone becoming besotted with a new love and forgetting their friends, but ends in sad separation. Debut single Black Hole, which picked up plays on Radio 1 and 6 Music and hit a variety of new music playlists, has the same sort of sad beauty: “I don’t wanna sing another sad song, I’m so sick of listening to me,” she sings displaying hints of Holly Humberstone (again), Phoebe Bridgers (again) and early Gabrielle Aplin.

Two pretty but lyrically downbeat pop songs under her belt, let’s see what comes next from this Dorset raised London living musician.

Siobhán Winifred - This House

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