Wednesday 2 March 2022

NEW #46 The Queen's Head


Here’s another slice of new music for you, once again initially served up on the Breaking More Waves New Music Weekly Spotify playlist (which is generally updated for your listening pleasure every Friday and you can follow by clicking here).

This one is a new band called The Queen’s Head. There’s a lot of shouty post-punk bands around at the moment and there’s a growing argument from those of us who believe that to keep music exciting it needs to constantly evolve. The Queen’s Head display that evolution; they are a bit different. Amongst the punk, their debut single contains a big healthy dollop of disco and funk. This isn’t music to mosh to, it’s music to dance to, albeit with a certain snarling swagger. A modern day version of The Clash perhaps?

The band follow in the occasional line of groups who self-title their songs; The Monkees, Icehouse and The Frank & Walters immediately come to mind.

The reason for the title? The band have explained that they wanted to write a theme song for the project: “A band, a fictional pub floating through the cosmos, a musical space where you can explore your desires to dance, have a drink or to cry. After all, where does Britain take its sadness, if not the pub.” It's either that or on social media.

The Queen’s Head are Joel Douglas (Vocals and guitar), Tom Butler (Vocals and bass), Robbie Cottom (Keys), Mike Hendry (Guitar) and George Thompson (Drums). The eagle eyed amongst you may recognise them from the band The Bulletproof Bomb. More material is to follow shortly.

The Queen's Head - The Queen's Head

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