Wednesday 30 October 2019

Monthly Playlist - October 2019

Since putting Breaking More Waves into semi-retirement, only posting these monthly playlists (and perhaps later this year a few other lists) it’s only really occurred to me just how much time running even a tiny blog like mine took up. Whilst an average of around 300 posts per year might not sound like a lot (it’s not even 1 a day) over the course of 11 years it amounts to a significant amount of hours committed when you factor in a full-time job, kids, renovating an old house, going to gigs and having some sort of social life all still happened.

I’ve really only realised how much time it took up since I’ve stopped and found that now I have plenty of time to do other things. This month for example I’ve managed to read a novel, finally discover ‘binge watching’ of Netflix (or at least my version of it – I watched a whole series in a week, 1 or 2 episodes a day), have done a lot of running (and managed to pick an injury because of it) and have spent more time cooking new recipes. Oh and let's not forget Dials Festival, the multi-venue charity festival I help curate and run took place at the start of the month. Tickets for next year's event are on sale at a super early bird price of £15 from this Friday (to find out more click here) so buy early if you want to grab a bargain. I probably now have a relatively ‘normal life’ compared to the blog life and my respect goes out to any music bloggers out there who continue to churn out the posts day in day out for no financial reward.

That doesn’t mean to say that I’m not listening to new music though. My consumption has perhaps reduced a little, instead I’ve been enjoying more back catalogue material, but there’s still a wealth of new stuff out there to be discovered.

This month’s playlist, like every month, represents much of that discovery. Nearly all of it with the exception of one track, has been released in the last month. The playlist is designed within the rules I set out last month (see here) and is designed to be listened to in the order it is presented – it doesn’t work as well if you shuffle it or put the list in alphabetical order. There are some artists that were regularly featured on Breaking More Waves when it was running full time (Chvrches, Easy Life, Alice Jemima) to some who have just released their debut songs (Matilda Mann, Drug Store Romeos, Honey Mooncie). Hopefully you’ll find something that you haven’t heard before and like. Enjoy.

And if you don't already, why not follow the playlist for the monthly update?


1. Craven Faults - Intakes (Pye Corner Audio Rework)
2. Chvrches - Death Stranding
3. Easy Life - Nice Guys
4. Otherliine - Hates Me
5. Sinead O Brien - Limbo
6. Drug Store Romeos - Now You're Moving
7. Amahla - Apathy
8. Sassy 009 - Maybe In The Summer
9. Luca Fogale - Another Way Round
10. Honey Mooncie - Should've Been You
11. Jack Penate - Murder
12. Dry Cleaning - Dog Proposal 
13. Fake Empire - Bloom
14. Matilda Mann - Never Sweeter
15. Biig Piig - Roses And Gold
16. Yaeger - Infected
17. Icarus - Dreams Of You (feat. Rae Morris)
18. Moyka - Ride
19. Alice Jemima - Our Love
20. Joy Crookes - Early
21. King Princess - If You Think It's Love
22. Erland Cooper - Tide III

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Junie & TheHutFriends said...

This post really resonated with me. It’s crazy how much time you can devote to one thing without even realizing it.

And as for the quote “300 posts per year might not sound like a lot,” believe me, it sounds like A LOT, haha!

Thanks for sharing this playlist!!