Friday 18 January 2019

New Music: G Flip - Bring Me Home

This week it really feels like the music industry has got back to work properly with a whole host of exciting new releases. There’s the debut album from Maggie Rogers (a previous Breaking More Waves Ones to Watch in 2016) which has got some very good and some not so good reviews – make your own mind up, James Blake (also a Ones to Watch way back in 2010), Sharon Van Etten’s Remind Me Tomorrow, Alice Merton’s Mint and a new Twilight Sad record to name just a few. The beauty of streaming services really kicks in on weeks like this. Pre-streaming you might have been lucky to afford to buy a couple of these records, now you can dive in and listen to them all. If you do, please try and buy your favourites physically as well and support the artist that little bit more.

There’s also a lot of singles being released this week that have my interest including tracks from Another Sky (featured already on the blog), Little Simz, The Cranberries (new material recorded using Delores O’Riordan’s vocals recorded before her death which will not disappoint fans), Kate Nash, Deyyess and previous / current Ones to Watch Sofi Tukker, Jade Bird, Sigrid (featured yesterday), Alice Chater and two new songs from G Flip. That lot should keep you busy.

It’s the Australian that I want to focus on today.

For those who like me spend some time on Friday working their way through Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist with equal amounts of pleasure and horror you’ll have probably already heard live favourite Drink Too Much, the more upbeat and pop of the two songs she’s released this week following the dazzling Killing My Time and internet destroying About You last year. 

What you might have missed though is the second tune, Bring Me Home, a raw and emotional piece that deals with the feelings that Georgia went through in 2018, having suddenly been catapulted into a intense period of time following the release of About You. After uploading the song to Unearthed on Triple J the song blew up and suddenly Georgia’s life became a whirlwind – something that even the most stable and strong person would find difficult to deal with. 

“I've never had clouds follow me each day. Years of sun that never went away,” she begins before opening her heart to explain that not all ‘success’ brings happiness: “I am falling apart. Now I'm scared of the dark. All I can hear is my heart.” It’s an important song for if nothing else it helps remind us all that sometimes the people that you’ve always considered solid rocks, the ones that appear to have no difficulties, do. When they do, it can be hard to the point of overwhelming for them to deal with things. “I've never had problems where do I begin?” G Flip sings.

Bring Me Home is a beautiful ballad and shows another side of G Flip. She can do hooky pop tunes for sure, but there’s a lot more underneath as well. This is a powerful and captivating ballad. It might well have you in tears. It’s also the best song I’ve heard all week.

For the video Georgia wanted to capture the intensity of the song. She explained: “I needed the film clip to be emotional like the song. I wrote this song when I was breaking down so I wanted to portray that in the visual. I can’t act to save my life so I put myself in a hot warehouse on a thirty-six degree day and drummed for six hours straight until I couldn’t anymore to show that real emotion and convey what I was feeling.”

G Flip will be back in the UK this May for a show at London’s Garage and has also been confirmed to play Reading Festival. Whilst undoubtedly 2019 is going to be a busy one for her, let’s hope that she manages to do it at her pace and is given the support to enjoy everything happening to her.

G Flip - Bring Me Home

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