Tuesday 9 October 2018

New Music: Introducing - Jeffe

From the impassioned rock thrills of Gang of Youths to the heartening pop of G-Flip to the so sassy it hurts dance-party thrills of Confidence Man I’ve probably discovered more great music coming out of Australia in the last couple of years than at any time before. Here’s another.

Jeffe (pronounced in the same way as us Brits would pronounce Geoff) first put out a track called Whoever You Love I’m Cool around the end of 2017. However, with its minimalist rubbery sounding electro pulse and not trying too hard vocal delivery, 2nd single Undecided (released just a few weeks ago) is the one that hits home. 

There are some neat lyrical turns of phrase on this record that I particularly like: “Caffeine, nicotine singing nine crimes.” Or “Pick apart the pudding in my mouth, pull apart the seams that are loving again.” Never mind what she’s singing about, these phrases just sound good. 

Already crowned as one to watch by Triple J Unearthed in Australia and having supported the likes of Lanks, Alex The Astronaut, Stella Donnelly and the aforementioned G-Flip Jeffe is clearly picking up some traction. Now Breaking More Waves is adding its little push as well. This is cool pop for the cool kids.

Jeffe - Undecided

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