Wednesday, 25 July 2018

New Music: Another Sky - Avalanche

Another Sky won me over on first listen back in March with their bewitching track Forget Yourself and the accompanying digital video (see the previous Introducing post by clicking here) and now they’ve gone one better with Avalanche.

First there’s the song. A hard hitting take on toxic masculinity that finishes with a repeated raw and impassioned angry mantra by lead singer Catrin Vincent: “When you hold them to account, they’ll spit you out, just a bad taste in their mouth.” Its’s a powerful piece of music that sonically shares some similarities with OK Computer era Radiohead, although I don’t ever remember Thom Yorke singing lines as targeted as “They’re strangers, they’re in Hollywood, they’re your neighbours you left back in your childhood, your fathers that won’t make amends, they’re in schools, they’re your boyfriends.” A direct statement that the traits of toxic masculinity such as misogyny, homophobia and violence can exist anywhere.

Then there’s the video. It’s a potent piece of work. Don’t be fooled by its apparent simplicity at the start as you watch a weird white-painted bald-headed person that looks like a long lost relative of Jed Hoile or Pinhead from Hellraiser pull some shapes. As the video develops you'll see the personal anger and upset forge to the front as Catrin reveals more of herself in what is clearly a very personal piece. This is certainly the video that pulls the most punches I've seen since This Is America by Childish Gambino.

A highly impressive and compelling piece of art. Another Sky are way more than just your average indie band. 

Another Sky - Avalanche

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