Thursday 30 November 2017

New Music: Sigrid - Strangers (Video)

One of the great things about pop music is how it can make you feel. That infectious dopamine rush. That high, That ecstasy. That euphoric tingle that takes you to the dance floor and makes you pull shapes like never before. It can make you feel alive. It can even make you believe, for three or four minutes, that you are a pop star yourself.

Right now, Sigrid from Alesund, Norway is doing a very good job at being a pop star, her music is doing a very good job at getting people to move their butts and she’s also pulling some very good shapes herself. In fact, I’d like to dance like Sigrid does in this new video for her song Strangers. The trouble is when I’ve tried (and trust me I have tried) I don’t look anything like a pop star. I look like a sad-dad dancing. There are reasons for this. The main one being that Sigrid is a pop star (or at least a rising pop star). And I am a dad.

But, here’s what I’d like to believe. I’d like to think that all over this country dads weren’t listening to Pink Floyd / U2 / Oasis / The Foo Fighters (a massive generalisation that that’s what dads listen to I know, but perhaps to a certain extent true) and were actually putting on a colourful pair of trousers, a neat little t-shirt and dancing like Sigrid to her new single Strangers. Somehow, I feel if we all did this together the world would be a much happier place.

Don’t kill my vibe readers, more dads need to dance like Sigrid. Let’s go to work and do this. Fill your lives with joy.

Sigrid - Strangers (Video)

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