Sunday 29 November 2015

Claudia Kane - The Silence

Now we’re done with Breaking More Waves Ones to Watch 2016 list, (just before we get the ubiquitous BBC Sound of list tomorrow and the Blog Sound of 2016 next Thursday) we can for a moment pause and reflect on the new track from Claudia Kane, which popped up on a few blogs and websites last week whilst we were crystal ball gazing.

“None of my songs are about love, because I’ve never been in love,” says Claudia. Is that why we see her in the picture above sitting on her own at a table, with a couple of glasses? Maybe she’s readying herself for a date? Maybe it's a speed dating session? Maybe she’ll find love there and then when her head’s all a flutter with romance she'll write a sickeningly cheesy ballad and find fame and fortune with it? It seems to work for Adele.

Until that time, we’ll have this non-love song, from her new EP, which has been a long time coming. So long in fact that this time last year we were naming her as one we had considered for our Ones to Watch 2015 list (see here). Good things come to those who wait though and The Silence is very good, taking flight with adrenalized trip-hop beats and a spacious filmic backdrop of sound to create something vast within the context of a pop song. 

As Depeche Mode might say, enjoy The Silence.

Claudia Kane - The Silence

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