Sunday 5 July 2015

An Important 'Musician In The Bath' Update

If you read / follow / digest / casually appraise / occasionally view Breaking More Waves you may know that we have a bit of a thing about pop stars in the bath. Seriously, this isn’t some warped perverted obsession, but a genuine fascination as to why it is that so many musicians feel the need to either get naked / semi naked or stay fully clothed and jump in the tub that may or may not be full of water and suds. Just some of the many examples of such popstars can be found on this link here, although we’ve posted a number of other times about this fascinating phenomenon, most recently with regard to the latest Lyza Jane track. We wish someone would provide us with a scientific explanation of it all.

Now here’s another and this one is impressive. Cosmo Sheldrake takes things to a new level, bringing his whole electronic kit into a thermal bath in Budapest. All we can say is that we hope his team carried out all the appropriate health and safety risk assessments on this one, otherwise ‘truly electrifying’ may have taken on its truest meaning.

If you’re a musician / popstar / potential popstar and have some weird urge to film yourself singing your song in a bath, don’t forget to let us know, and just as importantly, try to help us understand: WHY? We could start a whole new blog on this you know....

Cosmo Sheldrake - Pelicans We (Live in the Budapest Baths)

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