Saturday, 1 February 2014

24 Hour Blogathon : The Anthem For This Blogathon?

Bearing in mind what we’re doing today, blogging constantly for 24 hours non-stop we simply had to include this track as we reach the middle of the night. If I Close My Eyes (I Am Worried I Will Fall Asleep And Not Wake Up Again) could be the anthem for this 24 hour blogathon, if it wasn’t for the fact that bizarrely we don’t feel particularly sleepy. Staring at a laptop for such a long period of time is beginning to affect the brains ability to function at speed though and so the posts are slowing and shortening a little and the search for new music is becoming a little harder.

Amongst The Pigeons or ATP as he is sometimes known (an acronym that we’d usually associate with a weekend watching bands in a Butlins Holiday Camp or Andy Murray and Roger Federer slogging it out on court) is Brighton based producer Charlie Thompson who on If I Close My Eyes (I Am Worried I Will Fall Asleep And Not Wake Up Again) blends oddball computerisations with an almost dirty guitar sound and a vocal that sounds as if it should be on some vast Icelandic post rock / cinematic pop record rather than this quirky outing. However it’s the weird mix of sounds that creates the songs rather idiosyncratic charm – particularly at nearly 1 in the morning after 15 hours of staring at a laptop.

Unfortunately the track isn't available for embedding on the blog, but you can listen to it here.

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