Friday, 21 October 2011

[Strangers] - Human

[ Strangers ] keep things nice and simple with their third EP, calling it EP 3. It follows on, would you believe it, from EP 1 and EP 2. If we were the betting sort we’d be tempted to have a flutter on the title of their next release.

The EP features the songs Promises (Featuring Lara Smiles), Sweet Nothing and our personal favourite Human (it is also referred to as Because I’m Human on the blurb on their Soundcloud player) which streams below. The first few seconds of the song attempt to throw you off the scent a little with a keyboard riff that sounds like it’s about to build into some euphoric rave anthem before everything comes together in an electric dream of 80's referencing pop hook melody and an earworm of a chorus.

Away from EP3 The band have also knocked out a moodily skewed electronic version of the ubiquitous Video Games by Lana Del Rey, which you can hear by clicking this link.


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Anonymous said...

sweet band!