Sunday, 3 July 2011

Lana Del Rey - Video Games (Video)

At the back end of May we introduced Lana Del Rey, concluding that we weren’t sure where Lana’s (real name Lizzy) music would sit in the pop landscape of 2011, but that it was mightily impressive all the same. It seems that the answer to our question rests with the harbinger of cultural death – Fearne Cotton of BBC Radio 1.

For once we find ourselves nodding gently in agreement with the meaningless Fearne beast who has described (in much the same way that she describes everything) Lana Del Rey’s Video Games as ‘incredible’, ‘beautiful’, and ‘amazing’. For once Fearne’s boundless insincere enthusiasm for everything has actually hit the nail on the head bang on.

Maybe, just maybe, the answer to our puzzle is that Lana Del Rey’s songs sit smack in the middle of the Radio 1 playlist with a mainstream accessibility.

We streamed Video Games back in May but didn’t feature the video. So here it is now. With this post we’re saying thank you to Fearne and her void of a brain, because ultimately music isn’t just about intelligence, it’s about emotion and how a song makes you feel. We’re ‘feeling it’, Fearne’s ‘feeling it’. Amazing, incredible, beautiful as the lady herself would say.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting, amazing video, rare beauty, original sound, I love it.

roger said...

you spoke more about ferne than lana. at least she gave her opinion... what is yours?

Breaking More Waves Blog said...

As the post this case (for once) our opinion is the same as Fearne's.

For more on Lana please also see our previous post on her