Monday, 23 February 2009

Loz Bridge and the Box Social - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

On their debut EP Portsmouth based Loz Bridge and the Box Social sing of witches by the fax machine and evil in the admin team. Loz Bridge has obviously suffered one too many dead end office jobs and is prepared to let his calloused and vitriolic imagination run wild around the workplace. Witches is set to a stomping and romping bass heavy march that creates images of the monotony of mundane office life as Loz spits “I hate my job,” with a call and response anger at the endless slog. “Come on you scum you can do it, put your backs into it,” he calls towards the end. Loz is not a satisfied man.

Loz Bridge is Preston born, but is now living just round the corner from Breaking More Waves towers. Together with his band the Box Social he claims they are heavily influenced by the likes of Tom Waits and Nick Cave. Whilst musically this may be the case, there is little of either artists savage whiskey soaked growl to the recorded vocal. That is not to say that Bridge’s vocal is not without its own character however. On the smoky jazz of November, Bridge displays a warm unruffled voice reminiscent of Tim Buckley or Chris Martin that beautifully overlays the lightly brushed drums and tinkling piano. This vocal beauty is continued on Sarah And The Wolves, a melancholy number of loss that sees a lonely Loz sing “I don’t want to know what you’re doing locked away behind closed doors.” It could find fans amongst those who enjoy Elbow, Buckley and the more organic side of Radiohead. It’s not all sad and reflective though; the bluegrass of By The River demonstrates that Loz Bridge and the Box Social are a band that are also rooted in the toe tapping banjo sounds of alt Americana and have a mature earthy diversity that will hold them in good stead.

The Witches EP is available to purchase here.

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Chris said...

I feverishly agree with your pray see of the album here (well, based on live experience yet, I still have to acquire a copy)

Loz Bridge et. his band make that sort of music that reminds you the old guard of "proper" music is still solidly alive and well, whilst still a) staying staunchly contemporary, and b) not slipping into the nu folk genre that, whilst beautiful, is bordering on saturation.

Nu jazz / blues anyone?