Friday, 26 March 2010

Wild Palms - Deep Dive

To finish the week here’s the new single from Wild Palms. Deep Dive will be released through One Little Indian on the 17th May and will also feature a cover version of the classic Bjork song Human Behaviour. The band are playing a few shows over the next couple of months to promote the single, including the Camden Crawl plus two gigs in Brighton at the Great Escape and The Recommender blog party. It’s interesting to see how many blogs are now developing their brand into the area of gig promotion or as record labels. Fear not though folks, Breaking More Waves has absolutely no intention of doing either.

Deep Dive is sonically more accessible than previous track Overtime which seemed to want to violate the ears with its cut-throat razor aggression. This song positively soars and grooves. It’s a big step forward, laden with almost post-rock guitars that have hints of 80’s stadium wannabees Big Country and Then Jericho. There’s an epic pop song trying and almost succeeding to get out, but the track also tricks you by unleashing spasms of wobbling jittery rhythmic guitar. The video was filmed at lead singer Lou’s nan and granddad’s house and the surrounding area which he grew up in. Enjoy - there's nothing quite like a cup of tea in the bath.

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