Sunday, 14 March 2010

Alessi's Ark - The Robot

Back in 2008 we named Alessi's Ark as one of our Ones To Watch, acknowledging that she was never going to be a huge commercial pop success but that she would be a special treasure for those who engaged with her deliciously saccharine voice.

Now Alessi returns with a new EP released on Bella Union. Bella Union is probably a far better stylistic fit for Alessi's music than her previous label Virgin, who decided not to take the option up on her record deal, after her debut album Notes From The Treehouse. The EP is entitled Soul Proprietor and is released on the 5th April. You can listen to the The Robot from the EP and download it courtesy of Drowned in Sound below. The song carries off very much where the previous album left off, with a gentle country rock whimsy that soothes your ears, Alessi’s hushed occasionally vibrating vocal chords adding a tenderness to words such as “And he likes clean bedding, doesn’t care for Otis Redding.” It's just right for a Sunday evening, which is why we're posting it now, breaking our no more than one blog a day rule, but we have a backlog of the things to post this week, so something has to give. So we're giving. And there's another one to come later tonight....

Alessi's Ark - 'The Robot' by LukeSlater

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