Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Fitness Club Fiasco - Forest City

Fitness Club Fiasco call themselves a four-piece synth pop jungle-gym. We’re not quite sure what that is but we imagine it involves casiotonic vine swinging monkeys sitting on exercise bikes. What we do know about Fitness Club Fiasco however is that they have a professional landscaper in their midst and some origins in Canada, but are now based in Bristol, UK. They’ve already picked up radio play through Steve Lamacq of BBC6 Music and Rob Da Bank on Radio 1 with their debut single Forest City.

Forest City is slightly cheesy yet sprightly synth-pop song. A simple feet twitching nugget, it comes complete with charmingly weak nasal vocals straight out of the Neil Tennant Pet Shop Boys camp, hooky girlish backing singing, handclap samples and chirpy zooming keyboard sounds. There’s a slightly Postal Service vibe to their sound, but luckily that influence doesn’t end up with them sounding like the abominable Owl City. Fitness Club Fiasco have also been having some fun attempting to create their own d-i-y flash mob in their hometown (see video below) which brings a happy clapping vibe to desolate shopping centres. Forest City is available to purchase on I Tunes now and you can also hear it on the stream below.

Fitness Club Fiasco - Forest City by ILL FIT

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