Thursday, 11 March 2010

Nedry - Swan Ocean

Now if you read this blog regularly you will know that Nedry have made a number of appearances. This is because listening to their music is like lowering yourself into a gold mine - all dark, but full of beauty; the deeper you immerse yourself in it the more you find. Out of that mine Nedry have lifted a new video to accompany Swan Ocean, a track from their debut album Condors. Subtle, dreamy gentle guitars, soft tapping beats and trippy, cryptic vocals that hint of “Spring in the garden” and “Summers that keep singing into the sun waves,” form the ingredients of the song. There's even a few words of what we believe to be Japanese in the middle section if you listen carefully.

The video for Swan Ocean is constructed from thousands of pieces of paper cut and shaped then filmed in stop frame animation. The words that must be used to describe this work are simple but effective.

Nedry - Swan Ocean from monotreme records on Vimeo.

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