Sunday, 14 March 2010

Delphic - Halcyon

Tomorrow is the official release date for the new Delphic single Halcyon, taken from the debut album which received the Breaking More Waves Macca at Glastonbury styled thumbs up earlier this year, albeit with the reservation that it was an album to be admired rather than passionately loved.

It has been suggested that Orbital are one reference point in terms of influence for Delphic and certainly this single shares its name with the pioneering electronic duo’s track from their 1992 Radiccio EP, which propped up the Hartnoll brothers ‘Brown’ album in an extended form under the name Halcyon + On + On. Whilst the Delphic track is more song based and firmly in the head-rush on the indie dance floor category, it shares some of the same pummelling beats of the techno-baldy raver's anthems - they kick in around the 1.20 mark. Halcyon, like much of the work of Orbital, also achieves an exultant ecstasy fuelled maelstrom through shimmering synth sounds and a driving propulsive force. One of the best tracks from Acolyte, Halcyon is uplifting and radio friendly, an indie-dance upgrade for 2010.

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Mistress Wanda said...

The more I hear this band the more I like them. Really interesting interview with their producer on Guardian Music Weekly pod the other week.