Monday, 15 March 2010

Mount Kimbie - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

The name Mount Kimbie will now be familiar to a significant number of indie fans, the London / Brighton duo of Dominic Maker and Kai Campos having recently turned in the sublime five in the morning sounding remix of Spanish Sahara by Foals. (Here) A case of a good song being made even better, it’s a piece of out-there brilliance, the kind of thing that Massive Attack produced at their peak. They’ve also been on the remix tip with The XX, pulling in a heavy downbeat version of their song Basic Space. Yet outside of these remixes Mount Kimbie are producing some superb work of their own. Maybes is a haunting piece of wonky-dubstep-electronica-downtempo-pop with hints of post-rock that starts with a cavernous distorted piano sound before all sorts of twitchy clicks, bleeps and stuttering vocal loops kick in. There’s a lot here for your ears to grab hold of. Along with artists such as Gold Panda, it seems that the likes of Mount Kimbie are subtly transforming electronic music, taking it to a place very much of their own. Another track Sketch on Glass carries almost funky rhythms, scratchy beats and jazzy synth sounds to make an eclectic, experimental, but completely fulfilling listen which works on the dance floors as well as the home stereo or i-pod.

The best bands and producers nearly always sound unique and Mount Kimbie certainly stand out from the crowd. Very modern, very fresh and with a significant number of live dates and festival bookings confirmed around the UK, we suggest it’s time to get those dancing shoes on and seek out their bewildering multi-textured sounds.

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