Monday, 8 March 2010

Babe Rainbow - New Waves @ Breaking More Waves

Babe Rainbow is one Cameron Reed from Canada. He is one of the co-producers of one of Vancouver’s biggest music and art festivals called Music Waste, but when he’s not busy doing that he makes deeply dark, doomy, dubstep influenced electronic music. It’s creepy to the max, but then sometimes it’s a little thrilling to be disturbed isn’t it ? Not only that but the videos that Babe Rainbow has released are full of nightmarish imagery. The film for his track Celebrate (here) contains images from Benjamin Christiensen’s 1922 black and white silent piece The Witches, full of cavorting demonic figures set against skittering scary beats. His recent debut for Warp, the Shaved EP features a number of spooked out video pieces, the title track layering a sparse ambient groove on top of a visual short story that has influences of Blair Witch Project and The Cave (see below).

Reed has described his music as having a punk ideal in so far as he doesn’t come from an electronic, hip-hop or dance background. Instead his productions are very D-I-Y, simply recording it and getting it out to the world. A modern day Aphex Twin perhaps, Warp certainly seems the right record label for Cameron's music.

We’re not so sure if dub step is the right term for Babe Rainbow. More doom step. Prepare for his eerie soundtrack and immerse yourself in his shadowy desolation.

Babe Rainbow - Shaved from Salazar on Vimeo.

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