Friday, 19 March 2010

Lykke Li - Possibility

Back in 2008 Youth Novels by Lykke Li was one of our top ten albums of the year (here). Since then we have heard little in terms of new material from the Swedish singer, except for a haunting cover version of the song Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow. The first new original Lykke Li song arrived with the release of the New Moon Soundtrack. In theory the album sounded like a well cut gem, with songs from heavyweights such as Thom Yorke, Bon Iver & St Vincent, Editors, Grizzly Bear and The Killers all present, but the reality was disappointing - many of the songs were incredibly mediocre. There was one song however that rose above all else, and that was Possibility by Lykke Li.

Possibility seemed to capture the essence vampires. It was seductive, dark, romantic and beautifully solemn. With an atmospheric stillness of a sombre piano and Lykke Li’s sad sweet feminine vocal, Possibility made ownership of the album worthwhile. Now a black and white live performance video for this spectral hymn has been released. Lykke Li explains "Fortunately for us all, two camera men happened to be lurking in the shadows while me and my band got our groove on for the first time since we recorded it. Why the wait one might think? Well, me as well as other things had to dwell and change shapes for a while but now... Winter became spring. There is hope again."

Switch the lights off, make sure everything is very quiet, then press play.

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Pedram said...

OK, let me get back to New Moon!
I think due to its state of being a 100% commercial thriller(!), I also dig two of its pop tunes. Not that anything is wrong with commercial films! I'm not a nerdy a-hole I assure you. Though my two favorites are pop:

The Killers "White Demon";
OK GO "Shooting the Moon": I love the ending instrumentals, didn't expect a mediocre pop-rock act could be this appealing for three minutes.

In case of Lykke Li, I would have to say yeah it's different from other works on the disk. I like her anyway.