Wednesday, 17 March 2010

The Joy Formidable - Popinjay

It seems like The Joy Formidable have been around for an age now. We first featured them on Breaking More Waves in January 2009 (here) and even then they had stomped out of the nursery playground and into primary school. The mini album A Balloon Called Moaning has had to satisfy our lusty craving for fuzzy guitar noise-pop for far too long. Like a hooker down a dark alley A Balloon Called Moaning is sordidly satisfying, but it always felt like a temporary event. What we have wanted is the full length come-to-bed-shagathon with something we can really love. It can still be dirty, exciting and full of old fashioned guitar clamour - the kind of sound that indie bands made before the word indie became bastardised to have no real meaning anymore - but will also have longevity layered under the blasts of passion.

That full length is almost upon us, and as a teaser the band have recently released the single Popinjay on I-Tunes which will eventually be sold on glorious 7” vinyl on the 5th April. The hard copy format can be ordered here. Popinjay is harder than anything else The Joy Formidable have put out; it's the sound of smashing glass bloodied with a mean guitar riff. It may not be as accessible or memorable as some of their previous songs, but it certainly meets the requirements for another recreational raging romp. Let's go fornicate.

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