Monday, 29 March 2010

The Hall Of Mirrors - Love Obscure

Here's a band who wear their sixties influences not just on their sleeves, but their whole bodies and souls. First introduced here, The Hall Of Mirrors have just released a video for their hallucinatory pop song Love Obscure. In the video lead vocalist Jessica Spencer is trapped inside a rainbow dream of a television set. It’s a soft focus track that manages to join together a heavy wad of psychedelia with the sound of spellbound elevator music, all fronted by Julie Andrews. Lyrically Love Obscure sees Jessica questioning that age old concept of love “Why is it when two people fall in love it seems so blue ?” she asks. “Only love can give you pain. Only love can feel again. I’m still waiting to feel anything,” she sings, before the whole video takes off in a wash of radiating love hearts and kaleidoscopic colour.

The Hall Of Mirrors are playing a number of gigs in the UK over the next month or so including a show at The Zenith Bar in London and The Great Escape in Brighton.

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