Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Songs From Santa's Sack #6 - Summer Camp - Last Christmas

“Weaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy kidz! Santa ‘ere again and gez wot? I’m out of ma f*ckin’ tree! This sherry has been goin’ down a treat! Even betta than last Christmas. Which rmeindz me. Last Christmas by that George Michael c*nt and that absolute W*NKER Andre Ridge Pole or whateva 'is name his. For f*ck's sake, what a TUNE! Not as good as Mariah of course, but still a tuneeeee all the same. No idea who this Summer Camp lot are, but the bird in the band looks hot enough to melt my snowballs and whilst I’m at it the bloke can have have a go at warmsley-ing me up in whateva method he choosis as well. Even betta, lets have a Christmas threesome! After all it’s the time for goodwill to all men and womenz. Where’s that Rudolph? Oi'll tell yer wot, he can join in wif his big shiny red nose as well! Ho ho ho.

Well I’m done in. All the presents are delivered, I’m absolutely bolloxed. See you next year for more songs from me bulging sack of happiness.

Wishin’ yer all a happy Christmas and all that. Breaking More Waves is having a couple of days break but will be back very soon.

Ho bloody ho, merry Christmas! This is Santa signing off. It's Christmaaaaas!!!!!!"

Summer Camp - Last Christmas

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